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Baseline and Post SFS Data collection Protocols

These instruments were developed for the NM OSAP by PIRE in collaboration with New Mexico prevention providers, their local evaluators, and the New Mexico Substance Abuse Epidemiology and Outcomes  Workgroup. PIRE's IRB, or Institutional Review Board, reviews and approves of these instruments and their protocols for use of OSAP programs under the guidance of PIRE researchers.

The inclusion of PIRE's name on these documents suggests that PIRE has been notified of your intent to collect data with these instruments. If you would like to use these instruments for purposes beyond NM OSAP funded prevention efforts, you must remove all references to PIRE.  If you have questions about these instruments and how you might use them, please contact Martha Waller mwaller@pire.org or Liz Lilliott lilliott@pire.org